A picture tells a thousand words

Even though the launch of the new Sony Playstation 3 is not until early 2007 (March) for the Australian market, the system has been out for a month or so in America and Japan.

There have been a few comparisons, in technical specs, etc – with the Microsoft XBox-360.

I don’t have either system, nor planning to get either – but the XBox-360 is probably what I would go for. I have an old-gen XBox – and an original PlayStation.

Have a look at these screen-shots of some next-gen games – shows the XBox-360 version, and then the PS-3 version when you move your mouse over the pic (just have to wait a sec for the next pic to load).

Covers some racing, sports, action, fighting & adventure games – a good cross-section.

Need for Speed Carbon

Call of Duty 3

Madden NFL 07

Marvel Ultimate Alliance


Fight Night Round 3

Tony Hawk’s Project 8

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

They all look fairly similar to me – what do you think ?!? I could see some differences – but most were very close.

Not like the PS-3 is 20x better, or worse – you decide !!

Here’s the closing comment from Gamespot :

The Xbox 360 had better graphics in almost all the games we examined. The 360’s biggest victories were in Madden 07 and Fight Night Round 3, where the differences in texture detail and lighting stood out in our comparison shots.

We couldn’t capture this in the screenshots, but the Xbox 360 games generally offered better framerates too.

BUT – they also said :

We’re going to give the PS3 the benefit of the doubt in this initial round since developers might need more time to figure out how to maximize performance from the Cell and the RSX.

Yep – will wait and see – looks like the XBox-360 is still well-and-truly a contender in the Next-Gen stakes.


2 thoughts on “A picture tells a thousand words

  1. After playing with Nintendo Wii I’ve decided the worst thing to happen to the games console industry is this obsession with graphics.

    It’s all about gameplay and responsiveness. The Wii developers have deliberately dropped the graphics quality to improve the responsiveness and the benefits are immediately obvious. Although it is only side effect of the requirement of good responsiveness with the Wii remotes. The Wii remote idea just wouldn’t work if you had even the tiniest bit of unresponsiveness.

  2. Even though I have not yet played a Wii, I can understand the comment – and it’s true – obsession with graphics

    Only about 18 months ago, when XBox-360 came out, I remember commenting that it was simply better looking games – not better “gameplay”.

    Along comes the Wii – with a revolution in controller and re-invented gameplay – with less regard for graphics.

    Can’t wait to try out a Wii – Santa forgot to get me one.


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