Trackback III – November 2006

More of yester-thoughts – that’s soooo last year, dude…!

The start of November was an amazing time – with Donna, Cameron & I off to Noosa in Queensland. Neither of us had been there – Donna and I had spent a week in Surfers Paradise a few years ago – but turns out that Noosa is no-comparison to Surfers.

Cameron had never been on a plane before, and enjoyed the take-off with a big grin on his face. That big thrust as you accelerate down the run-way – *I* still love it.

We stayed in a little resorty place, with self-contained cabins and a nice swimming pool with a kids wading pool also.

We did so much in a week – a few highlights :

  • Eumundi Market – arts, crafts, fresh produce – up in the rainforest
  • Australia Zoo – where Steve Irwin was from – great layout & animal exhibits – awesome tiger show – Cameron kept yelling “roroawwar” !
  • Beach – sand-castles, swimming, flying a kite, and then an ice-cream while wandering along Hastings St
  • River Boat Cruise – checking out fancy houses, and some commentary about Noosa history – and saw a few sting-rays in the mangrove swampy mud
  • National Park walk – great views across ocean, and walk through rainforest
  • Home Again
    I had a few more days of holiday before back-to-work, and one of the things we had to organise was my “new” car !

    After complaining about the lack of air conditioning and so forth in the Nissan Pulsar – we had a 10 year Ford Festiva basically fall in our lap (only had 120,000 KMs on it – and religiously services/maintained).

    A friend-of-a-friend had been wanting to get rid of his little buzz-box, having bought a Holden Calais for very cheap, with a guy going overseas. So – we got his Ford Festiva for only $2,000 – great little car – and it had the bonus effect of pissing off the brother-in-laws – who are anti-Ford ! he he.

    Better news – we sold the old Nissan Pulsar for $1500 – with a simple ad in the back-window, didn’t even pay for advertising.

    We’d spent some money to get the Ford roadworthied, and serviced/tuned – but was about $1200 change-over – for a car with 1/2 the km’s – and cheap to run (fills up for about $35) – and has Air-Cond !!

    After such a great start to November, I had the worst sick period of my life – some would say I’ve always been “sick” – esp. my jokes – but this was serious !

    I don’t know how, and never will – but I caught CHICKEN POX.

    It left me almost bed-ridden for about a week – with another few days of lethargy, and lazing about – and the spots & pox’es also.

    I ended up having to take nearly 9 days off work – the most I’ve EVER taken off sick in my whole career !

    And – at a very busy time, following the trip to Noosa (and THAT was 2 weeks off).

    I’m all recovered now – but was a tough patch that I won’t forget. If you’ve never been immunized – and never had Chicken Pox – then DO IT – I would have paid $1000 if if knew what was in store for me.

    Just prior to getting sick, Donna and I had been to see her brothers band play at a tiny pub in Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

    His last band was pretty odd – he was the only bloke, and 5 other girls rocking out – called “More Crap For The Masses” – sounding like Courtney Love gone bad (eek).

    This new band is great though – they’re called Kids In Cults – he’s the drummer of the 3-piece outfit. Some great rockin’ songs – they’re probably a late-70’s style punky-rock.

    More like Radio Birdman “punk” than Sex Pistols “punk”.

    It was their CD/EP launch, so there were a few more people than normal (like Donna and I) – they really rock.

    Hopefully, they’ll start to get a few support slots around town, and build up their profile – and I’ll be able to get a back-stage pass for when they play the Big Day Out !

    The other band playing was The Wellingtons – another great up-and-coming pub band. I’ll have to see when they’re playing again.

    Support LOCAL MUSIC !


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