To drop an E

Yep, I know – the name “wookie” is actually “wookiee” – with 2 e’s.

According to Wikipedia – and the most excellent Wookieepedia.

Never mind – it’s easier for people to get RIGHT, with only one E. And can’t get sued by George Lucas !

Not like the CBS TV Show “Supernova” – starring Tommy Lee, Gilby Clark and Jason Newstead – in the search-for-a-singer rock band show.

There’s another band called Supernova – notorious for the song included on the soundtrack for Clerks – the song is called “what a wookie !”

Have a listen here.

And – if you’ve ever wondered what Chewbacca from Star Wars is saying, apparently the language that wookie’s speak is called Shyriiwook.

See – some wookie trivia for ya.


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