Quiet for 1/4-year

Looks like I haven’t really blogged for over 3 months – since mid-September. I’m sure there’s an excuse, never enough time, etc. Oh well – never mind – on with the show.

I find myself having brain-blogs – as I fell asleep in bed, I’d construct the sort of wording that I’d want to post. But never actually got there.

Maybe as a New Years resolution, I need to have a blogging routine – like brushing my teeth or something.

Some ELSE that’s new for 2007 is the new domain name – grumpywookie.com

Had been deliberating for aaages about a domain name, and never got it happening. My domain had a $6.99 Christmas special – so have jumped in the wagon.

Will have to do some re-branding of the blog – and get email forwarding working – but it’s working already ! Try out www.grumpywookie.com, if you haven’t already.

And why “grumpy wookie” ?? Well, I don’t think I’d want to meet one – worse than a bear with a sore head.

Not too much Star Wars ahead (I promise) – but as Han Solo said “it’s not wise to upset a wookie – they can rip your arms off !”

I’m sure everyone has had a “grumpy wookie” day from time to time. 🙂

More re-cap in a while (where ya been for 1/4 year ?!?)


2 thoughts on “Quiet for 1/4-year

  1. Nice work… You should have the site load with the track out of Clerks (Kevin Smith’s first movie) – not sure who does it, but the chorus goes “Chewbacca! What a wookie!” It’s awesome.

    Look forward to the torrent of posts 🙂

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