More newness

Microsoft have been releasing bits & pieces lately – aside from Vista RC1 (as mentioned in previous posts), many dev’ers have been awaiting Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh – can now re-test some of the bugs found during recent MOSS, Sharepoint, Workflow & InfoPath project.

Other exciting tech news – Microsoft has launched the Zune !

Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince the local finance manager (wife) – and Santa – to grab me one for Christmas (assuming they’ll be available).

Great interview with J.Allard (the guy behind the XBox-260 – and Zune).

Not long now till Christmas (!) – a few disappointed kiddies, with the Playstation 3 launch postponsed until March 2007.

Something about a shortage of Blue-Ray diodes – and Sony keeping a stockpile for America. Oh well – wouldn’t be buying one anyways !

Can’t be good for Sony’s share-price, after the recent $200 million recall of laptop batteries – for Dell and Apple.

Schadenfreude ?? Hell, yes ! he he…


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