Less than 48 hours for first blue screen

Have been using Vista all weekend, with some mixed results. Loving some of the new features & tidbits, and frustrated by others. And some bugs to report also.

Was using Media Player listening to MP3’s, and hit pause when the phone rang. But, when resuming (un-pause), the sound was gone. Didn’t matter what I tried, and Windows sounds were fine. Just Media Player was silent. Re-boot fixed it.

On a shutdown for restart, I got my first BLUE screen (already !). I saw an error stating “BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER” – before it re-booted. On restart, I saw this message box…>

Dead Desktop
Sometimes (not sure how) the desktop icons get broken. When double-clicking on an IE shortcut, or Excel shortcut, it would normally open correctly.

But, after some time (or something occurred), the icons would show an error when double-clicking. Some sort of “file not found error”.

But, the IE shortcuts would open if I right-clicked, and selected “Open” – but not double-clicking.

Run As Administrator – Virtual Server
Not sure if it’s how I installed Virtual Server, but have to now right-click on IE and start as Administrator – in order to run Virtual Server. Otherwise, can’t find any VM’s that were previously registered.

File re-naming
When changing the name of a file, and with file extensions showing, XP would highlight the whole file name…> eg. “01-Enter Sandman.mp3”

And (in XP) would have to be careful not to kill off the mp3 extension when re-typing (as the whole file name was selected).

Within Vista, renaming a file (F2) will select ALL text, except the file extension. If that makes sense.

So – much easier to rename a file, without (potentially) removing the file extension.

Windows Explorer
Initially, took me a while to find how to show/hide the folder view (left-hand pane) – it’s known as the navigation pane in Vista – and can be switched on/off from the “Organize” drop-down, and select Layout.

But the new top line navigation (horizontal) tree-view is ace. Can jump to any directory in the hierarchy – and doesn’t take up screen space. Nice change – a bit of getting used to.

Pretty stuff
Of course there’s some eye candy in Vista – the graphics abilities are nice. Mouse over to hover-blue, Win-Key+TAB 3D scrolling, aero-glass slide-in/fade-out. But, looks aren’t everything.

Not Ready Yet.
Microsoft needs to do some MORE work to get Vista ready for full RTM. I’m ok with the above problems & quirks, because it’s BETA.

I wouldn’t want these trials & troubles in a full-release version. Time will tell.


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