Blog in Live Writer on Vista

Thought it would be good to really try out the new Windows Live Writer (Beta) tool from Microsoft.

The installer asks for your blog service, and automatically connects using your login & password.   Very easy to install & configure.

Will see how the “submit” works – at the end of this post !

Have been installing other bits & pieces I use regularly, WinRaR at first, and thought I should install and configure Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 also.

Was a little tricky to get installed – an error about “IIS Admin Service not running” – even though I’d added IIS already. 

This is due to new locked-down default configuration of IIS-7.

Here’s how to get it working, thanks for tip from Virtual PC Guy.

  • Open Control Panel >
    • Programs & Features >
    • Turn Windows Features On and Off

Within the section for IIS, turn ON the following :

  • Web Management Tools >
    • ALL items under IIS 6 Management Compatability
  • World Wide Web Services >
    • Application Development Features >
      • CGI
  • Security
    • Windows Authentication

Refer to following screen-shot :

Can’t include the screen shot (using Windows Live Writer), as “the weblog does not support image publishing”.    *doh*

Can setup an FTP site, currently hosted at Optus – but the login page doesn’t work – even though I can see all files from Internet Explorer.

Oh well – no pictures from me – will wait and see.

Back to Virtual Server – might see if I can get a VM of MOSS-2007 running.  🙂


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