A change in the wind(ows)

Have been resisting the urge to move across to Vista, and give it a proper work-out, not just a spin-around-the-block.

Have now got Vista 5536 (Pre-RC1) – and Outlook 2007 installed. Probably going to face some “user education” issues – myself, and Donna also.

She’s already said the “glass” fly-ins, and window animations were making her seasick – but watching, and driving are very different. (will see how she goes).

One integral feature of my “home network” is that the XBOX+XBMC can use files from the PC. I have my Windows-XP, and a Windows-2000 PC, and both hook-up nicely to the XBOX.

This has been easily achieved in XP/2000 – with a simple file share established, user permissions – and a setting entered in the XBMC config file.

eg. smb:\\\MUSIC

But – that’s been relying on SAMBA, an old-school file sharing protocol initially to/from UNIX servers – it’s been around for 20+ years.

Microsoft have tighened security with Windows Vista, and the new SMB 2.0 protocol doesn’t play well with XBMC.

Maybe this is intentional, who knows. Some posts I’ve seen blame “Micro$oft” for making Vista cut-off to XBMC – ie. pirate-chip XBOX.

BUT – have found an alternative, known as ccXgui (ccXstream Graphic User Interface). Scroll-down, near the bottom of list

Downloaded, and installed – and now have a “service” running on Windows-Vista. Had to simply configure the share names, within the ccXgui tool, with the appropriate ‘name’ – and change the ‘prefix’ for the link within the XBMC config file.

eg. xbms:\\\MUSIC

Tried it from the XBOX…it just works !

For those having troubles with XBOX+Vista – this is the answer !

Of course, I’ve had to include TWO separate links in my config file – one for XP, and one for Vista. For when I dual-boot in XP *doh*

XBMC Web Client
For those that aren’t aware, there’s actually an ASP server running on ye olde XBOX, within XBMC. And so there’s another interface for XMBC.

Good for freaking out Donna, when I’m sitting in the study, and the music suddenly changes from Savage Garden to Fear Factory.

But, seems to only play one song at a time. I don’t really use it much.

EXCEPT – when needing to change the configuration file (bookmarks) for XBMC. No need to FTP the file, and update in Notepad – and FTP back to XBOX.

Just need to open a browser – to the IP address of the XBOX.

eg. http:\\\………………..[home page = default.asp]

Click on ‘Configuration’ – and then ‘Bookmarks’.

Don’t forget to SAVE the settings – just click ‘save/load’. And you will have to restart XBMC to refresh the config’s.

Easiest way to update your network shares in XBMC.


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