Happy 18th Birthday

Normally, when someone says “Happy 18th” – it means being able to legally visit pubs & nightclubs, get your driver’s licence, vote in the next election (!) – and no longer being termed “under-age”.

But – that applies to being 18 YEARS old – not much changes when you’re 18 MONTHS old.

Cameron turned 18 months old yesterday – and has turned into a happy, yet determined little boy.

> He’s one of those kids who wants to get into EVERYTHING – and has a mini-tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants.

> He’s been saying many more words – like Truck, Car, Bath, Dog, Shoes, Apple.

> He’s become a bit of a Daddy’s boy (this week) – giving big hugs and kisses – and refuses to give me a hug as I leave for work (he must think I can’t go if he doesn’t say goodbye)

> He now blows kisses – with a hand to mouth, and “whak” sound effect (!)

> He notices planes flying overhead, going “oooh !” and pointing to the sky

> He loves watching the earth-mover machinery at the nearby freeway construction site – saying “dig, dig, dig”

> He loves spinning around on the lino – until he gets dizzy & has to sit down

> He loves to eat Cucumber, Tomato (not me !), and Apple – and other vegies & fruit

> He’s happy to dig in the sandpit, and mud in the backyard – and rips out grass to blow in the wind

> He enjoys books, and points at tractors and animals – saying “roar, roar !” when he sees the lions and tigers

It’s really amazing being a dad, and watching him grow & change. And to see the things that he likes & doesn’t like.

Equally amazing to see his personality develop – we haven’t taught him about trucks or diggers – he just likes them – a real little boy.

So, here’s to you matey – “Happy 18th” Cameron !


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