Blogging from a laneway @ 1.30 am

Just arrived a bit early for some scheduled maintenance activities for a client, and so thought would cleanup my InBox. Sitting in the car, in Little Flinders St…!

But – the laptop detected a few wireless networks, some “unsecured”, and so thought I’d try to connect.

And sure enough, amazing that so many people don’t know to turn ON some sort of protection – even WEP key/s required.

I was able to do an IPCONFIG – and check the IP address I’d been given – and then thought to try HHTP’ing to (for wireless router).

Sure enough – it responded as D-Link DI-624, with a login & password box – so I tried ADMIN, and BLANK (password) – the factory defaults.

And yep – was connected (again).

Could look at all IPs given away by DHCP to other PCs, and all LAN & WAN settings. I could have even disabled the wireless or set a WEP key to lock people out – or even changed the ADMIN password.

But – I’m not that sorta guy (hacker) – besides, free internet is good enough for me…!


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