You make a fine point – Sharepoint, that is

Well, life is returning to normal on the home front. Has been (only) 3 months of furniture in the garage & boxes of books, etc. We’ve setup our lounge room, including book shelves, couches, dining table – and a few books. (Still have to work through those boxes in the garage).

So much other stuff happening in our lives, have simple been unbloggable.

Over the last two weeks, have been involved in a development project utilising Microsoft Office 2007, or more specifically Microsoft Office Server System (MOSS) – ie. Sharepoint 2007.

In brief, this involved the creation of KPI Lists (like a document library or list) with “indicators” that poke into a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet (using Excel Services). more in-depth about that soon>

Following a successful proof-of-concept, and demo to client, the NEXT task was to make use of the new WinFX / Windows Workflow Foundation bits within Visual Studio 2005 – to create a new document workflow for a Sharepoint document.

Furthermore, an InfoPath form was used to capture the various bits of information as the document moved through the Workflow. Add in a few web-services called from InfoPath, and ‘installed’ into Sharepoint – and you have a 10+ stage approval process for documents.

This also included sending of emails, and creation of Sharepoint “tasks” which can then be viewed within Outlook-2007.

Some really, really cool technologies in place – good to be at the fore-front with Sharepoint 2007.

BUT – and you knew that was coming – making use of a BETA product meaning feeling our way along slowly – no doco, a few bugs, and even a re-install of Sharepoint after it was so badly crippled (dev’ers).

So – lots of bugs logged with Microsoft, and newsgroup posts – and indecipherable errors. I think the most prevelant were “invalid event XML: %1” as well as “thread was being aborted” – and my favourite “an error has occurred”.

I’m sure (hope) Microsoft fix some of these bugs/issues – some have already been fixed with BETA 2 “tech refresh”.

Will post a few more inside details, and hopefully get to present some demos to the new MOSSIG user group.

Lastly, have just watched a video clip about the recent Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) that Microsoft held in Boston. Lots of great new products and strategies on the horizon.

“Live” is going to be huuuge – and Sharepoint 2007, Office 2007, Excnange 2007 – and Windows Vista too.

Will know more as time goes by – great to be working for a company so involved with identifying future paths & market opportunities – and willing to share & show to staff – and that we use the products ourselves !

Just reminded me about a phrase that is used at SDM – and I tried to describe to Donna – DOG-FOODING, or as wikipedia explains – Eat one’s own dog food.

The slogan refers to the early days of television when programming and commercials were live, and things didn’t always go as planned, particularly if one of the actors was a dog. Dog food commercials frequently ended with a dog actually enjoying the product, but no matter how good the food looks on camera, or how good its story sounds, the commercial is not a success until the dog actually eats the dog food.

I’ve wondered where that expression came from !!


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