Dead-amp, dead-amp, dead-amp

Was a bit upset last night, with our Pioneer amplifier/receiver not responding. I’d just sat down to watch new episode of Top Gear – and the power light was simply blinking. ie. light was on, but no-one home.

This meant no radio, no digital set-top, no DVD, no XBox, no Media Centre – just silence. *aarrggghhhh*

The manual mentioned “if a blinking light is displayed for the Power switch, please contact Pioneer for servicing”. My immediate thoughts were related to unplugging 30+ leads, and moving shelves in wall unit, and then being without amplifier (ie. silence) for 4-6 weeks or something !!

After a frantic search on the internet, I determined that there are some “reset codes” for Pioneer receivers. I tried a few combinations on my amplifier, but no luck.

After a call to Pioneer (and 10-15 mins of Gypsy Kings on hold), the girl asked if I had tried the “reset code”. It’s nowhere in the manual, so I don’t know how she expected me to know. And nothing on their website either.

Anyway – spoke to Donna, who tried the code – and it worked !! Amplifier is alive and well !! Just have to recheck some leads/cords – and all OK again.

For those google’ing about it (like I tried). Pioneer Amplifier 712 Blinking Light Reset Code :

Pioneer Amplifier Model # : VSX-D712
Reset Code : hold down both “Enter” and “Advanced Surround” – for 5 seconds
located on the front of the amplifier.


One thought on “Dead-amp, dead-amp, dead-amp

  1. Thank you so much!

    I have the exact same model Amp and same deal, Blink Blink Blink…

    and also i was in the same situation as you. (I wasn’t ready to unplug my home theatre, to have a gaping hole in my setup for month while they fix it.)

    The Reset worked, i have been searching the net for that model but came up with nothing until now.

    Thanks Again.

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