9.9 review

Yesterday was July 19th – equates to about 9 months and 9 days since joining SDM. I remember the day I started, as it was 10/10 – or the 10th of October.

My longest employment stint was 4 years, so got a way to go before beating that record.

But there’s two companies I worked at for only 4 months each – a month to settle in, a month to discover how misguided & unprofessional they were, a month to find something better, and then a month of “notice period” !!

Anyway – I’d had lunch with some work friends from my last company – who are stuck doing ASP (classic), and SQL-7, no .NET, in an environment of chaos – and essentially just “reactive”.

Another friend is reconciling figures in Excel spreadsheets – and some code changes to an Access front-end on a SQL Server database !


These are not small organisations either – one is a global retailer & petrol station chain – and the other is a nation-wide supermarket chain.

It made me think about the work I’ve been doing while at SDM – and the new products & tools that I’ve used – and there’s much more to come.

Many products I had heard of, but not really used, or had exposure to.

  • Windows Server 2003
  • SPS – Sharepoint Services + WSS – Windows Sharepoint Services
  • Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS)
  • EPM – Enterprise Project Management – ie. Project Server
  • Microsoft Office InfoPath
  • Visual Studio.NET 2005 + ASP.NET 2.0 – Master Pages, etc
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Business Scorecard Manager + BI (in general) – ie. Analysis Services, cubes, etc
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)
  • Enterprise Library (EntLib) – from Microsoft Patterns & Practices
  • And lots of C# (had only done MCP exams & hello-world’s, but lots of VB.NET)
    I’m sure here’s a few more that I haven’t thought of – and the future-tech (in beta at the moment) >

  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Office 2007 + MOSS (Microsoft Office Server System)
  • WinFX – WF, WCF, WPF – all being rolled into .NET 3.0
  • Was difficult to discuss with old work friends, when they asked “so, what’re you working on ?” – knowing they hadn’t even heard of Sharepoint, or Vista – or MSF – or even “blogs”

    And just about to jump into a project developing with Sharepoint-2007 (beta) – I’ve never actually done a development project using a beta product – lots of poke & play, but nothing more than trying out a few complex “Hello World” app’s.

    Lots of Microsoft bits & pieces – part of working for a Microsoft Gold Partner I guess !

    It will be interesting to hear about the recent Microsoft Partner Conference in Boston – and to hear of the plans underway & future direction being pushed by Microsoft.

    And got a laptop & CabCharge card too. And mobile phone as well.

    I’m glad to be working in such a dynamic environment, with some great people – and good technology & opportunities – not just farmed out to “any client” – and told to log 40 hours.

    Seems the body-shop mentality of my last company hasn’t changed.

    So – my “9.9” review is fairly favourable at the moment – and should continue along nicely.

    Just need to stop getting photos of Krispy Kreme’s and cakes for morning tea from back at the office – when working on a client site !!! *aargghh* 🙂

    ** UPDATE : A few blog posts this week – been catching the train into the city – that’ll all change in the next little while – especially NEXT week, driving to the city.


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