KKK in Narre-warren

No – not Ku Klux Klan – but Krispy Kreme Kaos !

After visiting some friends on Saturday night in Berwick, we decided to pop past the Fountain Gate shopping centre and see if the queue wasn’t too bad – and maybe grab a few KK’s.

But – at 8.45 pm – the queue of pedestrians to the shop door was “out the door” – and about 30-40 people on the footpath waiting.

And the drive-thru was about 50 cars long (!)

I was lucky enough to try a KK donut a few months ago, when a work friend bought 3 boxes at the Sydney airport (although only 2 boxes made it to the office – hhhmmmm)

And – while they’re amazing donuts – they’re just friggin’ donuts !!!!

I heard other stories about people driving from Bendigo – about 150+ km’s – and the folks who had a “KK day” and flew down from Sydney to check out the new store !

Yep – the FAC is definately taking hold – the Fat American Culture.

When the store opened, there were protests by some health-food companies – but maybe that’s the clincher – everyone has been bombarded with low-GI, low-carb, low-fat, low-TASTE for such a looong time – and even McDonalds, the undisputed heavy-weights (pun intended) have now got healthy choices on the menu.

Maybe people are craving some “junk” – and KK’s is the best in town.

Even Donut King have had their busiest weeks on record – people must be thinking “hhhmmm – I want a donut – but not waiting 2 hours”…

Anyway, you could almost hear the money-printing machine running overtime at that KK store in Narrewarren – never mind “I want a donut” – how about “I want a franchise” !!


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