Homeland Chaos

Not terrorism – but there’s chaos on the home front – with our house renovations moving into high-gear – almost at the finish line (for the major works).

We thought we’d get the carpets steam-cleaned, as they’ve never been done in the 6 years that I/we have lived there.

And so – last Sunday was a day of dismantling bed & other furniture, and moving ALL items (toys, clothes, the lot) onto the wooden floor area so that the carpets could be cleaned.

It’s now Wednesday – and tonight, we’ll finally put everything back in place, after waiting for the carpets to finish drying – just been sooo cold.

We’ve been sleeping on our mattress on the lounge-room floor !

So – haven’t been able to get into the study at all – no playtime with Vista or anything like that – and have an inch or two of receipts & paperwork (filing) – and get tax return started – sometime soon anyways.

This coming weekend, we have to do the reverse – and move everything from the wooden floors to carpetted areas – as the floorboards are being re-polished.

We also have to move out to Donna’s mum’s place for a week (while the floors being done) – will mean we have to take EVERYTHING we could possible need in a week – and the dog too. Gonna be a few carloads over the weekend.

And will be a longer drive from Upwey (South Belgrave) – to South Melbourne – but only for a week.

*phew* It will all be amazing when it’s finished, and life returns to normal – but a bit stressful at the moment (!)


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