Here ya go, Dad

Well, after Cameron’s flu/fever had subsided somewhat on Monday, it was then MY turn to feel winter’s wrath.

This week has felt like a month – was worst on Tuesday – when I couldn’t handle being at work any longer, and headed home sick (I can’t remember the last time I’d done that).

Just the standard flu stuff – aching bones, touchy-skin, cough, cold-shivers / hot-flushes, tunnel-vision, headache.

Jumped into bed about 3 pm, and sweated in the foetal position for about 16 hours – then back off to work again.

One of those weeks – going live with a new website for Primus (today !) – and just couldn’t be sick – so had to keep going.

But – I’ve barely seen Cameron at all this week – and only from a distance. Hard to not be able to hug or tickle him – just too weak to even pick him up.

So – that’s my whinge out of the way… (like a bear with a sore head, eh ?)

Another thing I missed out on was the new Office 2007 & MOSSIG launch event. From what Will says, the sessions were great – lots of positive feedback, and discussions.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the new SharePoint & Content Management (a la MCMS) will operate. And a dramatically revised UI (toolbar/ribbon).

Haven’t had a chance to play yet – Beta 2 is out now though – and would encourage all to have a look-see.

Finishing up at Primus today – check out from Monday to see our efforts in action (mainly Will, but I did the last few bits & pieces).

The site is live, but domain name not yet re-delegated. So, you can view it here.


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