Another first

Well, they say there’s nothing happier than the sound of a child’s laughter – and that’s definately true. Cameron can get a giggle & chuckle going, and I can feel myself smiling away.

And (conversely) – there’s nothing sadder than a sick kid.

Cameron has a cold’n’flu bug that has been hanging around – was a bit of a cough & runny nose – but turned into a fever over the weekend.

He had a temperature on Saturday arvo, and didn’t sleep much on Saturday night – and then felt like a hot oven on Sunday – even his arms & legs were like fire. So – off to the doctor, and found out he’s got an inner ear infection – to add to the cough & high temperature.

He really wasn’t himself yesterday, clingy & napping on my lap – didn’t want to play, and he just looked sad & miserable. Poor lad. Was just heart-breaking for us both, especially his Mum (Donna) – and not much sleep didn’t help things.

But – he/we survived another night (last night) – thanks to some panadol and antibiotics – and was almost bad to his old babbling ways, and toddling about the house.

He’s got so much more room to run about now – as we’ve had renov’s underway at our place – and the kitchen + L-shaped dining/lounge-room are now ONE room – will post some photos soon.

Back at work again – off to do some Mondo’ing – or Mondo Search to be exact. To be integrated with MCMS, as a site-wide level.

UPDATE : have uploaded nearly 30 new pics over the last few months. Hadn’t added any since late-Jan, 2006.

The next few include first holiday (Avoca), first haircut, first birthday, first tractor ride – and wearing a firehat.

Check out these photos and more @ intellimoblog, thanks to Text America


2 thoughts on “Another first

  1. I feel for ya! NT 1.1 has been miserable all weekend, and it breaks your heart…
    Where is the new project in the CBD? It would be cool to catch up for lunch.
    Has Burton started bringing in KK donuts yet???

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