Old times ahead ?

Yesterday, Donna found an old style phone toy for Cameron – was only $3 at The Salvation Army store (great spot for toys).

She also found a “barely used” copy of the old favourite Yahtzee !

The interesting thing about the phone toy is that it’s one of those old dial telephones – where you’d have to put your finger into the “disc” and spin around clock-wise.

It then makes they diddle-ding bell sounds, as it returns anti-clockwise.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we had one of these phones – and I was pestered Mum & Dad for a push button phone – new techology !!

That was probably back in the mid-80’s – 20 years ago…

Thinking about Cameron with this toy – he looked at it a bit strangely, and I’m sure he was thinking “where are the buttons ??”

It made me realise that he’ll never, ever use a phone of this sort. I can’t even think of where you would be able to find one ?? All pay-phones are push-button, and they’re even being phased out – with everone having mobile phones.

What else will Cameron never use ??

We don’t even have a tape player, except in the car. And I dunno where all my old Poison, Guns N Roses and Aerosmith tapes would be. Same with vinyl – haven’t ever had a record player – I was one of those kids who didn’t get into “records”. (not until CDs)

With most households having broadband (I’ve had cable for nearly 6 years) – I don’t know anyone who uses a modem these days. Cameron will never get to experience the character-by-character scrolling from a DOS-style UNIX window – on a 1200 baud modem ! Ah – the memories.

Political correctness
I’m sure all would agree – it’s just getting out of hand these days. Before you know it. you won’t be able to sing “Black Betty” – even schools are no longer allowed to sing “Ba, Ba Black Sheep”.
And he will never have a packet of fags – they’re “fads” now-a-days. And calling someone “yellow” for being a coward will probably be cause for a bashing from the Yakuza.

While Back-To-The-Future made us believe that 2015 would have flying cars, I don’t think this will happen in the next 8-9 years – not after spending billions on new roads !

But – the car/s that he drives (in many, many years from now – 2020+) will be something totally different from now. No more petrol cars, will be hydrogen, or electric. And he won’t know a car “without” an airbag, or anti-lock brakes, or power steering. Three things that my 1989 Pulsar doesn’t have ! (not even air-conditioning – how primitive).

Being a dad makes you think more about the future – how will Cameron’s life evolve, and be sooo different from ours.

I know MY childhood was dramaticially different to my parents – Mum grew up in Ireland, after fleeing London during the bombings of WW-II.

Looking back, and looking forward – good to pass some time on the train. New project working in the city (CBD) – and hence, more posts while training – hopefully !

More on the new role / project to follow – and learning some new Microsoft technologies – CMS, VS.NET 2.0, and programming against the Google API… !


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