Learn something new everyday

The best thing about being a Dad is watching the little person you’ve brought into the world, as they begin to investigate & learn about the world around them.

Cameron is now at an age where he’s starting to work out things he likes and doesn’t like – he’s a real “little boy”. He loves trucks, and tractors – with favourite books of transport & farming machinery.

We had him outside on the weekend – all rugged up, and he was splashing in puddles, filling buckets with sand & putting mud in his Tonka truck. And he’s learning that tan-bark isn’t edible.

Even in adult-life, we never stop learning. I’m still learning how to be a Dad – I think that schooling will never stop.

As far as professional career, I’ve learnt a lot recently – I think I tend to get bored if there’s nothing to challenge me, with the need to work it out.

With I.T., there’s usually no damage that can be caused by “trial and error”. Wouldn’t want to have the same approach to medicine, or dentistry, or something like that.

But – for myself, and definately for Cameron – being inquisitive and wondering “how it works” – is a good trait.

And with kids – you can only provide opportunity to learn more, encourage what they like – and answer questions as they arise.

Won’t be long before we’re going to be sick of “why ? why ? but – why ?”.

And they say that one of the best ways to teach is to be a good example – and to not worry about what you’re teaching, but to simply live well, treat people right, and have a fun outlook on life.

That’s Lesson #1 to Cameron. I’ll just “be me” – and let him watch, listen & learn. Monkey-see, monkey-do.

He’ll be air-drumming to Metallica before we know it – just don’t tell his Mum. 🙂


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