As silly as it sounds, there’s a lot of stuff on the radio about the date today – ooooh – 666 – the devil’s number !!

Including pregnant woman being induced “yesterday” – so that their child won’t have a satanic birthday.

Then again – one woman said she was going to call her kid “Damian” – like the movie The Omen. That’s damn funny – turning it into a big joke, as it should be.

Superstitious – me ?!? Not likely.

Even funnier is the National Day Of Slayer – which says that everyone should listen to Slayer today.

And who can argue with that ?!? Here’s a few of my favourites :

Reign in Blood South Of Heaven Seasons In The Abyss Divine Intervention Diabolus in Musica God Hates Us All

Might have to go listen right now !

Little known fact, that the band Slayer was originally called Dragon-Slayer. Thankfully they dropped the “dragon” word !!

Happy 6/6/6 day – hope you have a good one !

(or an evil one – whatever you prefer)


One thought on “6/6/6

  1. Apparently some couple named their child Damian because it was born on 6/6/06. My friend was due on that day, but was induced a couple of weeks earlier….sad in a way.

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