Why Windows Vista Won’t Suck

Well – the title says it all.

But don’t just take MY word for it – found a great article at ExtremeTech :

There’s a lot of confusion about Windows Vista these days. Many online discussion forums have a great number of users who express no desire to upgrade to Vista.

Sure, we’ve all seen the screenshots and maybe a video or two of Vista in action, but for many it only seems like new tricks for an old dog.

Yeah, it’s got some fancy 3D effects in the interface, but OS X has been doing that for years now, and it’s still Windows underneath, right?

The sentiment seems to be that Vista is another “Windows ME” — an avoidable upgrade that isn’t really going to breathe new life into your computer.

The article is very impartial – and covers the following >

  • Major Kernel Overhaul
  • Networking
  • Media Center Improvements
  • Major Audio Changes
  • DirectX 10
  • New Built-In Apps
  • Aero Glass and the New UI
  • Security, Security, and more Security
  • Should You Upgrade?
  • For all those people who have already said “naaah” – pls. read this !!


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