Looks a treat, plays the same

Today has been Father & Son day – with Donna and her mum attending a Red Cross first-aid course (required to renew her accreditation for child-care work).

Cameron and I took Chloe to the park for a run, and then we headed over to Knox shopping centre. Pretty quiet for a Sunday morning – gave me a good opportunity to check out a few more XBox-360 setups.

(1) EB Games – Had a console and high-def screen on the store counter – and was able to play with the wireless control for the first time (not just bolted to the display case). Felt very light, nicely weighted in the hand. Had a quick go of Burnout Revenge – identical game-play, just better graphics. Which are spectacular !!

(2) Target – Had Project Gotham 3 setup – was able to do a better track than my first try. Graphics are amazing – very fluid, and crisp. Nice in-car gauges, etc

(3) Harvey Norman – Had NBA-06 – not such a big fan of the EA sports games. As they say “it’s in the game” – but just makes it way to complex for my liking. Althought I did waste many hours at “NBA Jam” on the Sega Megadrive…! Only a quick go, but more amazing graphics. Including sweat & muscle tone on the players – very high detail.

On the way out from “Hardly Normal”, I tried Need For Speed : Most Wanted – on the original XBox – and it just looked terrible ! (when compared to the 360 of course)

While all the games I’ve seen so far have looked & flowed amazingly, I can’t see much difference in gameplay (in general). Racing games are still my favourite genre – but the action & gameplay don’t seem much different. I’m sure there’s vast improvements – but would need a decent trial. But – never get time to play the games I’ve got !! (so, can’t justify to the “purchasing dept” – ie. wife)

XBox Media Centre does all of what I want for a home media setup – and then some. And if I ever get the inkling (or time) to play a quick game – then the current XBox suffices.

Might wait and see if I can WIN a 360 – or free somehow else. Like I did with my XBox, thanks to Crazy Johns !


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