New friend for C9, MSDN & Tablet Guy – and Drunk Coders

With the fun & games surrounding the Channel-9 guy (videos, photos, etc), the new MSDN guys are taking it up a notch.

There’s now the Source Fource – with the latest addition – SQL Server Gal

Don’t forget the Visual Studio Guy.

I still think MSDN Webcast Guy is my favourite – must be the cape. Also – his PDA looks a bit like a hip flask – could it be that he’s a drunk coder…?!?

We know that Channel 9 guy is a drunk coder !

How about you ? Ever been “at the wheel of a PC” whilst extremely drunk ? Like coming home later after a BIG drink-up at a party – and begun surfing, or checking blogs, or simply checking emails. That’s hard enough.

Let alone creating stored procedures, or .NET web services – I couldn’t drive Visual Studio.NET whilst drunk – imagine the crappy code I’d write – and how long it would take…?? !!

I have to sit about 3 inches from the screen to be able to read it. Or even end up falling asleep on desk. Basically – drunken coding is not recommended.

Shame, Channel 9 Guy, shame…
I’m Derryn Hinch. That’s life.


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