It’s "quick as"…

There’s always those you ask “what’s better – ADSL or cable…??” I’ve had cable since before ADSL was available – in July 2000. So – I’ve kinda just stuck with what I’ve got.

One thing I’ve alwasy thought – is that the SPEED from cable is better. Depending on other people on “the cable network”.

Meaning that it can be slower around dinner-bedtime, but really quick in the wee hours. Or – on a Sunday morning (as I’ve just discovered).

As I’ve just re-installed my PC – I needed to grab the Apple QuickTime install – to check out the new iPod Hifi (very cool – basically a docking station on top of a set of speakers and subwoofer !)

So – downloaded the 22 MB installer – and… (well – a picture tells a thousand words)…>

That’s bloody quick !! In fact – it’s the quickest I’ve ever seen on my home PC. Always quick from – or – but not that fast.

I’m sure the explanation is related to “caching” – meaning that someone else would’ve downloaded it (on the Optus cable network).

But – I’ve never had it above 550 kb/sec – that was almost double – nearly 1 MB per second !


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