Baby Boom

There’s an old Skyhooks song – “all my friends are getting married”…

But for us – it’s “all my friends are having babies”…

With 3 new bubs (all girls !) in the last few days…

* Alex (friend from SDM) and his wife Rachel – Abbie Jean (2nd March)
* Sarah (Donna’s friend) and Micheal – Zahli (3rd March)
* Jessica (old work friend) and Nick – Olivia Pearl (today – Sat. 4th March)

And – there were a few in the last few months

* Patrice (old high school days) & Micheal – Alexander (just before Christmas)
* Andy (SDM) and Stef – Aurora Jupiter (Boxing Day)

And there’s a few still to come :

* Sanji (old work friend) & Beata – due early April
* Gavin (old Uni friend) & his wife Dana – due ANZAC day
* Mark (brother-in-law) & Mandy – due July

That’s EIGHT babies – jeez…! Must be something in the water, eh ??


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