I don’t remember saying that !

Looks like there’s another Chris O’Connor in the world. This time – I’m the director of security strategy for IBM (!)

Doesn’t even look like me… he he.

Been funny first few weeks at new client site – as there’s another Chris O’Connor in the email directory – same building, but a different floor.

As such – I’ve been getting HIS emails – one was asking me to proof read a media release for Multimedia Victoria (MMV) – what the ?

And – he’s been getting MY emails – including an ADMIN logon and password for the development server – which we then had to change… *doh*

And – when I was recently working for another government department – the same happened – with me being sent arrest reports for some guy with child porn on his computer.

Let’s get that straight – it wasn’t ME who was to be arrested – but rather, the arrest report was destined for “Dectective Sargeant Chris O’Connor” – of the sex crimes division – at Victoria Police !!

*phew* I’m sure there’s lots of other Chris O’Connor’s in the world.

Reminds me of a scene in Monty Python’s “Life Of Brian”…>

Crowd : Yes – we are all individuals !!
One person in crowd : I’m not !!


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