It’s Alive II

Well – Windows Vista 5308 is up and running – in fact, this post is from IE-7, check it out…>

Was a slow process in the end, and still only running VGA (need a driver for the GeoForce card – but dead links from nVidia – who have a Beta drive)

Some interesting thoughts…>

* Needed FOUR re-boots during install
* Had now got a dual-boot with “Legacy (pre-Longhorn) Microsoft Windows” – interesting that Windows-XP is now “legacy” !!
* Already have updates from Windows-Update
* Just had to pick City, Users, Wallpaper and TimeZone – and “Ready” – after another re-boot
* After login – displays “preparing your session” message
* Then had a black screen – and mouse-pointer, but nothing else. Did ALT-CTRL-DEL, and could log-out. And was OK after login again.

Gotta go find an updated video driver – 800×600 – ack…!

But, so far –
* Very funky & cool interface
* Nice screen fade-in / fade-out
* IE-7 nice
* new start-bar nice too

Lots to play with – will take a while – I could get to like it !


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