It’s alive !

Spent most of last night into (the wee hours) re-formatting & installing Windows XP, updates, anti-virus and so on.

Was a relatively smooth re-install process – just now need to install Office, Nero, etc – and configure the firewall for use by XBox and so on…

But – had a strange circumstance when first installing – ended up with “no C:”.

* Open case, and put in new 200 GB drive – no partitions or any data yet

* Boot off CD for WinXP – and ask which drive to install – picking drive “C:” as my old data drive

* Set partitions on new drive – D, E, F – and choose to install

* WinXP ended up with a C: that was data – and a D: that was the system drive.

* Some bits didn’t work – including the “folder icons” in Explorer – and I’m sure a lot of other programs/registry wouldn’t like a system drive to be “not C:”

* Re-booted, and disabled the secondary drive (data)

* Deleted the partition – and re-formatted – it was then chosen as “C:” – and all OK…

In summary – I think the problem was that there was no data on the “new volume” – and when looking at partitions, the only drive “with” data – was my old data drive – which was thus chosen as “C:”

Was a bit tricky – two re-formats of 60GB – took 1/2 hour each.

But all good thus far – check out this .


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