IMDB poll

Was just at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) site checking on something unrelated – actually was checking if James Earl Jones (aka Darth Vader) was still alive – and he is !!

Anyway – saw that there was a poll for the Best of 2005 and the Worst of 2005.

Some interesting entries – with Star Wars III, King Kong and Harry Potter appearing in BOTH lists… I guess it comes down to “personal tastes”.

It also made me realise how few movies I’ve seen lately. I think Star Wars III, Batman Forever and War Of The Worlds are the only ones last year. I do love the big-picture experience – just that time is the enemy these days – also, going to the movies can get expensive too.

I’m sure I’ll catch some of them on DVD – including King King and Narnia – which “Barney” has, but haven’t had time to even watch them at home (XBMC-style).

New years resolution – see more movies this year !!


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