On the starship Enterprise

Hard to imagine Bill Gates as Captain Spock – OK, that didn’t really make sense.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s a new “Enterprise” on the way – Windows Vista Enterprise.

That’s the official name of the new February CTP (Community Tech Preview) – and will be the version that I’ll be installing (assumuing I can get my grubby paws on it).

A new addition to the storage rack too – just bought a 200GB hard drive – 7200 rpm, with 8 MB cache (Seagate) – to replace my 20 GB 5400 rpm (C:).

So – it will be 10x as big – and 1.5 times the speed.

Plan is to partion it – 60 GB for Win-XP – 60 GB for Vista – and 80 GB for data. Add that to the 80 GB (D:) currently – making my PC have a total of 280 GB.

And the XBox has 120 GB. And my “media PC” has 160 GB.

So – I have a storage capacity of 560 GB !! (and will use the “old” 20 GB’er as a portable hard drive – just have to get a case)…

Over 1/2 a terabyte – who’d have thought that would happen.

My first PC had 170 MB. My digital camera now has nearly 10x that (1 GB).


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