"Training" today

Back on the train today, and using the new laptop for a blog post. Normally, the train-commute has been replaced by a car run into South Melbourne. But, different scenario today – heading out to “indoor rock climbing” after work, and getting picked up by a mate. Also – good opportunity to test out the train+tram route to SDM.

Have been at SDM for 1.5 weeks already – been busy times thus far. Fully into the func spec for changes to a Connex application for logging train-faults. Ironic really, as I’m sitting ON a Connex train right now – and can see a few bits of graffiti around, and a ripped seat – they should log a fault !! he he.

Busy times at home too – Donna and I have just painted the kitchen. The last few weeks were a bit crazy, with Donna’s brother wedding – and finishing up at DWS – and then starting at SDM too.

With Cameron getting ready to crawl any day now, we thought it wise to do the painting of low cupboards & doors BEFORE he’s able to put hand-prints all over.

So, last weekend we got it happening – with Donna removing all cupboard doors on the Friday – and we both sanded it all on Friday night – nearly 20 doors, both sides – and all the “surround” for the shelves / cupboards.

Saturday was a nice sunny day, so did 1st coat in the morning – then to Bunnings for door handles & Knox for lunch + shopping – then 2nd coat in the afternoon. We then walked the dog, and headed out to a friends place for BBQ / 30th birthday. Headed home to do a 3rd coat of paint (!). That meant the cupboard doors had “1-side” finished.

Sunday was Cameron’s swimming class – he was less enthusiastic this week, probably a bit tired. Not grumpy or anything – just not really fussed either way. Had to do a “1-2-3” then dunk/swoosh him under the water – he came up coughing & spluttering a little, but was OK. Just want to make sure he enjoys the water, mainly for “familiarisation” – and make it fun with some games & songs.

He’s just over 8 months now – very happy & smiling lots. He’s fun in the bath too – splashes lots, and the latest game is for me to take the bath plug out when he’s done, and he sits there watching the water running down he plug-hole, splashing the last little bits away.

Other stuff – have just cataloged all my MP3 CD collection into an Excel spreadsheet, based on the backup DVD’s I’ve created. Still a lot more to do – just haven’t had the time to rip more music (or edit some additions from friends). Up to about 350 albums already – about 20+ GB worth. Will try to get a web-page happening – inspired by Andy@SDM.

And watched a Channel9 video last night on the XBox – talking about XBox-360 as a part of digital entertainment, not just gaming (although they admitted that’s it’s prime purpose).

Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future

Sounds like they’re taking the best bits of Windows Media Center and some from XBMC for the digital entertainment aspects to XBox-360. From the video, they mentioned that you can have a Media Center “hub” PC for recording TV, and storing music, pictures, etc – and then have multiple XBox-360’s through-out the house. (like the current media center EXTENDER for Xbox-1)

One cool thing was that different XB’s can watch the same video clip – at different times – from the Media Center. And can pause a show in the living room – and then head off to bed, and continue watching on the other XB.

Or, that the XBox-Live scenario is always on – so you could watch a TV show “with” a friend in another city – and chat while it was playing.

Or – be watching a DVD, and received a “game invite” from someone else who had seen you were on-line. Very cool interactivity aspects – not just “solo” digital media stuff.

But – would need lots of $ to get that all happening – I’d need a new Media Center PC (about $3000) – and then 1-2 XBox-360’s (probably $500 each) – and should get a new plasma or high-def TV (720p native is the way to go, apparently) – that’d be about $5000 as well.

Or – can stick with the XBox using XBMC, and get a TV tuner card for my PC (eBay about $70) – and have got ALL the same functionality – except for the high-def aspect. *shrug*

So – I don’t think the finance department will approve the purchase order for an XBox-360 (ie. wife). I guess we would save ourselves $8930 !

Over & out for now. 🙂


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