Intellisense SQL

During a recent Readify training course, I was chatting to Greg Low (SQL MVP) about whether SQL-2005 would include “Intellisense” – such as a list of tables, proc-params, etc.

He mentioned that Microsoft were planning to include it, but had removed it at the last minute.

Would’ve been ace – it’s sooo useful in VS.NET – I can remember old VB-3 days (showing my age now) without Intellisense – and limited “object model” – was pretty tricky sometimes – to get correct method & properties for VBX’s, DDE, etc.

I can understand how complex it would’ve been – esp. with remote servers, and using alias’es for tables – ie. “which items to show in dropdown intellisense”…

Anyway, this post from Greg Low mentions that there’s now a 3rd-party program that includes SQL intellisense in SQL Query Analyzer – and VS.NET.

PromptSQL have released a 1.0 version of the product (a few weeks ago).

… takes the guess-work out of remembering table names, column names and types, and the relationships between tables.

… provides name-completion for databases, users/schemas, tables, views, and stored procedures, and displays tool-tip help on these objects, for example listing table columns and types.

… also suggests JOINs based on primary/foreign key relationships and suggests JOIN ON conditions based on the same principle.

Check out this animated GIF example – how cool is that !!

(just wait a sec for the GIF to D/L – as it’s 380 KB)


One thought on “Intellisense SQL

  1. I’ve also found another 3rd party tool for Visual Studio .NET, SqlAssist, that has some really cool thingies in it in addition to SQL intellisense (which seems to work well BTW). User templates, pretty formatting, running on many DBs at one, etc. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested…


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