Web.Config grows in power

Just completed watching the new Channel 9 clip about IIS7. Some great new features, not just a (desperately needed) new management tool UI, but the extensibility & configurability has been dramatically improved.

The main premise is the use of a web.config file, very similar to an ASP.NET application. Just include some settings – and place the file into the main content directory – such as on localhost\wwwroot\appname – and be able to “manage the site”. Such as allowing to browse directory, users/roles authentication, and so on.

Or can use the GUI to change settings, and it writes back to the same web.config file.

Also – extensions can be added just by including a Handler reference – in the same web.config file. Can thus add-in or exclude various “modules” – like for CGI, FormsAuthenication, and many, many more – or write your own…!

The demo also showed the use of RSS publishing / consuming – just another “handler” in the web.config for the site, and refresh page – IE-7 shows the RSS subscribe button. The example was a directory of images – and came up like a TextAmerica site – from code within the custom RSSHandler.

Basically, can configure ALL the application/site settings from a web.config file – not more needing to use Internet Services Manager – and great for hosting sites, when no access to the administrative tools.

Some nice new features, and improved performance – and still as secure as IIS-6.

Will be lots more features & demos to check out soon – from the PDC !!


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