Advert de la Caffeine

Just picked up my normal coffee – long black (w/ 1.5 sugars) – and been trying out some new coffee places. As I’m now at a new client site – the place yesterday was pretty ordinary.

This morning – great coffee – but was a bit perturbed about the CUP. Has a “Seek.Com” sticker on the lid of the coffee cup – as well as the cup being a “Mitsubishi 380” cup.

Has the letters “380” all ’round the cup – with the Mitsubishi logo and web-site on one side.

But – nothing “under-neath” the cup !! I guess not many people look there !!

I’ve seen advertising on cups before – but mainly for “coffee-related” products – like Grinders – or Gloria Jean – but never a CAR !!

Still – it’s prompted me to take a look – the Mitsubishi 380 is the successor to the Magna – and I’ll be very interested to see what it’s like.

“Coming soon” – as the coffee cup says…. 🙂


One thought on “Advert de la Caffeine

  1. Was googling the 380 for info – saw this post from Sept. Interested if any further investigation of this car was carried out??? Was it driven? Like it? Have just seen one at the Brisbane Motor Show and must say it is the best looking locally made car I’ve ever seen. Black thing with huge wheels and really slick. Have driven one – feels more like a big Euro rather than the typical Ausie heap.

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