WeFly is pretty fly (for a white guy)

Nearly 3 weeks since I received the DVD for WeFly 24/7 – with a themed application – to allow developers to learn the new features of Visual Studio 2005. I had previously setup a Virtual-PC to run with Visual Studio 2005 – and SQL Server 2005 – and then didn’t get anymore done !

I guess there are some obvious distractions – Cameron is 6 months old now – and full of beans & laughter. But – has been a bit crook with a cold/fly thing – for a week or so now. Even though we’ve only known him for 6 months – we could tell when he was “not himself”.

Had a week at home with Donna and Cameron – was good to “unplug” myself and just do bits & pieces at home.

PC was going strong though – ripping lots of CD into MP3 format. I’m now up to about 25 GB worth – most of which has been backed up to DVDs (5 disks so far).

Back to work last week, although took a bit to get going after 2 weeks off. Have been on the bench at DWS – which basically means “find something to occupy your day until a project happens”.

It’s a bit strange being in a kind of “limbo” – not sure where I will end up (client). Was hoping to try out some .NET bits during some down-time – but no development PCs available – only WORD and EXCEL. (*doh*)

[ Yet another compelling reason to use Virtual-PC. Could then swap between PCs – and run whatever was needed – Java, Oracle, .NET, whatever ]

Almost certain to be heading out to a project for a “personnel access” system – ASP.NET & SQL – will get started on some initial design screen/s – and database design.

Back to WeFly-24/7. I installed the apps & source code from the DVD – using the MSI provided – and looked like all directories & projects were created successfully. But – when running the app (web-site), there was a database timeout error.

The doco mentions that the DB is provided as an MDF – ie. SQL Server Express. I was hoping to upload this to the full SQL Server 2005 environment – and try out BOTH new technologies. And would just need to change the connection string.

But – tried to attach to the MDF – and tried to DTS into a new database – but no luck. Not sure what I was doing wrong – will have to suss it out. Could’ve been a mismatch in versions – as they’re both BETA.

Ended up downloading and installing SQL Server Express Edition June CTP – and un-installed the full SQL Server 2005 CTP.

All looked to be working OK – but had some error about “creating a database in MASTER” ?!?! What the ?!? [ permissions problem ? a-ha ! ]

Ended up changing the connection string to use the “sa” login and password – rather than a trusted connection – as installed by default (for SQL-Express & WeFly247).

So – the app’s now work – will have to delve more into the code & new 2005 features.

[ and downloaded trial version of OneNote 2003 – have heard people raving about it – but never really used in anger – and looks great !! from a 5 minute overview anyways ]


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