Quake’ing in my boots…

Discovered this while browsing posts on the Microsoft Channel 9 Coffeehouse forum…>

At QuakeCon today, id Software’s annual event down in Texas, John Carmack announced that the Quake III source code will be released under the GPL

Will be interesting to delve into the source-code – although I’m sure it won’t make much sense to me ! Will be all C++ graphics code – and the 3D rendering engine. And the use of sound, impact detection, shadows, music, networked players, bots, etc – games programming is really quite amazing…

I can remember spending / wasting many, many hours on Quake-III Arena – and trying out various mods, patches & all. Back on my beloved last PC – Pentium III-500. Used to run great – networked with my house-mate’s PC – this was about 4 years ago – before Donna had moved into our place.

Looks like some SERIOUS hardware will be needed for Quake IV – check out the trailer link !


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