In love with Virtual PC

Well – stage 1 is complete. Now have a full working Win-XP with SP2 – also added IIS and MSMQ – and Google toolbar. And THEN burnt a DVD of the image (hard drive).

Was easy to get networked with host PC – couldn’t get it going last I tried. And so – on the ‘net and all. In fact – this post is from within a session on V-PC. (PMN)

Got a DVD arrived in the post today – for WeFly247.

This DVD will provide you with all you need to get started writing applications with Visual Studio® 2005.

The applications you will build are broken down into 3 areas:
Pilot ­ a Smart Client application used by the Pilot for the in-flight monitoring of key flight systems
Crew ­ a Windows Powered Mobile device application used by the flight attendants to manage passenger relations
Passenger – an ASP.NET application provided for the passengers for in-flight entertainment

* audio recordings and videos for each of the technologies
* full source code and coding labs in C# and VB

Excellent !! Even better that the DVD was a free-bie. Will post the link for ordering the DVD – once I re-find it…! (might’ve been via Channel9)

OK then – time to install Visual Studio 2005 (Beta2). 🙂

Update – discovered a nice reward for checking the URL to include in this post… A link to a Free Online Book: Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers


6 thoughts on “In love with Virtual PC

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