More Microsoft’ed than ever

Amazing to think how PC capacities have increased over time. My first PC (in 1993) was a 486 – with 4 MB of RAM – I now have 1200 MB of RAM !!

And disk space – first PC was 170 MB – I have 1 GB in PDA, 100 GB in PC, 160 GB in “Shuttle” PC (Media Server) – and 120 GB in the XBOX – totalling 381 GB… Oh my god !

The scary thing is that one day – that will be insignificant once again. Like when my new mobile device (phone ?) has 1 TB of RAM…?!? In another 12 years time…? 2017…?? Cameron will definately see some changes in his lifetime too.

Anyways – the reason for 1.2 GB of RAM is so that I can install some Virtual PCs – and install the Beta2 of Visual Studio 2005 – and SQL Server 2005 – and Avalon – and Indigo !

Been reading lots about VS.NET – and an interesting session with Greg Low – at last Microsoft Security Summit (Feb 2005).

And the wrap-up of WSE-2.0, and web-services / remoting & all into Indigo will be the one of the first to delve into.

The project I’ve just completed used Web Services for the app server – tried out with remoting – but problematic on Novell network. Bit interested to how the code that we developed fits with the extended context of the “Service Oriented Architecture”.

“Indigo” is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems. It is a new breed of communications infrastructure built around the Web services architecture.

Advanced Web services support in Indigo provides secure, reliable, and transacted messaging along with interoperability. Indigo’s service-oriented programming model is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and simplifies development of connected systems.

Indigo unifies a broad array of distributed systems capabilities in a composable and extensible architecture, spanning transports, security systems, messaging patterns, encodings, network topologies and hosting models.

And so – Virtual PC is installed. WinXP is being installed (as I type) .
Mental Note : burn a DVD of the “hard disk” for the Virtual PC – after Service Pack 2.

EMN* – but it’s an exciting time in the Microsoft world !! With the iminent release of “Whidbey” – ie. Visual Studio.NET 2005 – and “Yukon” – aka SQL Server 2005. Been a long time coming for SQL – that’s for sure !

And the Longhorn development bits – XAML, Indigo, Avalon

As well as “VirtualEarth” – will be good to see how THAT looks !!

Furthermore – even more “wood-worthy” – the announcement of the Death of Longhorn – and Rise of Windows Vista.

I think it only took about 10 minutes to like the new name. I can see the abbreviation already – “WinV” – like with WinXP, and Win98, WinNT, etc.

Hopefully I can blurg a copy of the Beta – and once-again – use VirtualPC – to have a play…

Lastly – the MS buzz is covered with XBOX-360 news – will be interesing to see the interface & comms aspect – with the Windows Vista environment following closely behind.

Certainly the Media Center PC interaction – should be a consistent UI – and connect & interoperate easily.

And some game news for XBOX-360 – with Japanese Publishers Announce Commitment to Xbox 360 – this includes Ridge Racer – one of my all-time favourites on PlayStation. My one regret that I don’t own a PS/2.

And the PDC – to close the deal. More Channel-9’ing on the train.

And off to a Readify course next week – Industrial Strength.NET

Lots to read, learn & know – bring it on… 🙂

* EMN – Excuse My Nerdiness


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