Programming languages

Interesting to think about the variety of programming languages I’ve used – when considering that “programming” is really just learning logic – with syntax as the icing on top.

Someone said to me once that it’s like “learning to communicate” – and then learning French, German or Spanish.

Yes – and No. When I think back over the languages I’ve learnt since the beginning of my career.

  • COBOL / embedded SQL – at university only. Mainframe etc.
  • JCL – job control language – not really a language as such – again, only at Uni

* did a bit of C programming at Uni – for Comm port interaction – really tough stuff

  • TODAY (4GL) – my first job was a UNIX based green-screen language – very powerful (in it’s day)
  • MS-Access – first introduction to Windows programming / relational desktop DB
  • Gupta SQL-Windows – did a training course, but project never started up. REAL Windows programming – event driven, etc. Probably a bit before it’s time
  • VB-3 – many projects – back with MS-Access 2.0 / DDE / VBX’s…!
  • Borland Delphi – hadn’t ever done any Pascal before – good OO environment
  • VB-4 / VB-5 / VB-6 – many more projects – custom controls, N-tier, COM+

And now, the “current” realm :

  • C# – have studied for MCP / MCSD exams – but not in production – very clean & neat
  • VB.NET – major project (18 months) – should be able to cross-skill back to C#. Not much choice for the project, I still think VB.NET was a bit cobbled together for .NET – whereas C# is NEW
  • SQL SERVER (T-SQL) – not really a programming language – but lots of logic in procs

Future – who knows :

  • More SQL – and with .NET framework in SQL-2005 – can do “procs” in C# !! Although – really just current “extended stored procedures” – in which you mount a DLL, and can then call it. Have done with C++ DLL on SQL-2000
  • Longhorn / Avalon – the new XAML stuff is interesting – very powerful – but don’t want to use notepad (as in many Microsoft examples). Have to see what the “tools” will provide – the NEXT generation of VS.NET – following Whidbey
  • Longhorn / Indigo – the new remoting / networking / web services stuff.

Always good to look back – and look forward… 🙂

Then again – REAL programmers use binary !!


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