Another post during ‘training’ session

Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 22:36:39 +1000
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On the train (friday am) – and getting a few more posts happening on
PDA. But, still havent got the blogging software fully sorted.

Tried with “Pocket Blog” – but was more bugs than blogs. Next – tried
out “Pocket Blogger” – similar name – but much better.

Still – only works if connected – have to login & “get recent posts”
before I can create a post.

And doesnt save user & pwd – have to enter again each & every time !
(could just leave it open – enter post/s – and then push “post” button
when sync’ed)

All l want is to be able to create posts like with email – click post –
and saves in “Outbox” – and just auto posts when I put my PDA in cradle
– is that too much to ask ?

Please leave a comment if you know software that does that ! (and
that saves my blog URL / user name / password)

For now, just adding to ‘Notepad’ – and will have to grab test somehow –
and do a post using website – ….

UPDATE : following success with emailing to blogger – this post is now
being done using Messaging – with the above text cut and pasted from

Will just place PDA in cradle – and see if it gets posted automatically


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