What the blog’s going on ??

Well, that last post WAS written on the train, using my new Dell Axim x50v. Admittedly, I’ve had it for about 2 months now – but been slack on the blog-front – no time to brag.

Anyway, thought I’d try out Pocket Blog, and worked OK the first time – hence the “hello from PDA” post. Always have to try a “hello world” !!

And so – I then wrote a lengthy post, but wouldn’t sync. Some error saying “couldn’t update”. *doh* I guess it’s a bit old now – last update was in 2002 – and needed to install the Microsoft eMbedded Visual Basic runtimes.

Dunno – will have to try a different “mobile blogger”. πŸ™‚

Anyone have recommedations or reviews of something that will work with blogger.com ??
(will have to ask Google as well)…

New Camera ?!? All the pics on Intellimoblog have been taken with our first digital camera – Kodak CX7300, but only 3.2 mega-pixel, and video clips have no sound – and been getting frustrated with a slow shutter speed lately.

Especially with Cameron so active – some pics blur terribly. The ‘properties’ of the pics show that it’s only 1/60 – should be 1/90 at least – and my Canon EOS-500 SLR does up to 1/4000 (film camera).

And so, gone looking about for a better digital camera – but can’t really afford $1300 for a Canon EOS digital SLR.

But – have found the Canon S2 IS, with a very impressive list of features : 5.0 megapixel, movies with stereo sound, image stabiliser – and all the same manual modes as my beloved EOS-500 SLR. Shutter speed, aperture – and many new digital effects – like colour mapping, sepia, b&w.

And got 12x zoom – like have a 35-430 lens – my SLR is either 28-80 or 70-300…

** sub-note : Donna and I met on a camera course – in case you weren’t aware. And been wanting to get “back” into more serious photography

Will have to post some example pics – if the boss approves the purchase order. πŸ™‚


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