Re-try from (story to follow)

Another month has gone by – time flies, it’s true. But, hopefully I can be a bit more regular with the blog posts.

I’ve finally got my new PDA Setup with “Pocket Blog” – and am writing this while sitting waiting for the 8.06 train to arrive at Jordanville.

So many things happening in life – with the most amazing (and time consuming !) being time spent with our little lad Cameron.

As well as play, feed, change, sleep (the 4 main elements of babyhood) – he’s beginning with some spoon feeding – just mush really – not very “solid” – and teething too. He loves to splash in the bath – and laughs when we push him in the swing.

All in all – an amazing 5 months thus far – lots of work and self-sacrifice – but rewarding and lots of fun.

Other happenings in life ;
* re-building my collection after the crash of 07-06-05 – when it went 7-6-5-4-3-2-1-ka-boom ! Got many discs worth of 3’s – and a swap session with Alex. Also, had an XBox linkup – with a Halo-2 matchup – that was like Mike Tyson vs Tom Hanks ! ie. Alex thrashed me – score was 7 to -2 ! I redeemed myself with Forza and Project Gotham 2. 3-nil. he he

* Movie – went to see “War Of The Worlds” – as “Batman Begins” was sold out. Good movie I thought – despite what some people have said. Amazing effects – great sound – moreof a disaster movie really – than sci-fi. Tom Cruise was the same as always – but ok. Saw a preview for King Kong as well – I don’t know the original – new one looks like Jurassic Park style – with Naomi Watts as the damsel in distress…

* Tech – watching a few vids from channel 9 – mosr interesting lately was about RSS support in Longhorn. Not just for subscribing to blogs – but an entire ‘platform’. To subscribe to be notified from outlook – and photo blogs – and fully integrated into IE7. On blogs – was talking to my dad last night – he was asking about pod-casts – and how he could listen to them !

Just about at Parliament train station now – blog-time = trip-shortener.

More intelli-ramblings to follow – and more photos to be added – havent updated since April !


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