Can you picture this ?

With the imminent arrival of the new baby, and the recent addition of a camera-phone to our household (even though it’s Donna’s), I thought it was time to have a play with getting a moblog established.

So, I had a look at TextAmerica – and created a new moblog – ta-da !

Behold – the birth of Intellimoblog…!

It’s sooo easy to put pictures onto the moblog – simply email a photo to a specific user-account at TextAmerica – that’s it.

The subject of the email becomes the brief caption, and the body of the email is the full description of the picture.

Using the mobile phone is even easier – just need to create a Multimedia Message (MMS), and enter the email address (at TextAmerica) – send – and it’s posted…!

So – when the baby arrives, and I’m at the hospital – I can takes photos with the mobile phone, and they’ll be on the web within minutes. Cool, eh ?!?

[ Who says I was a nerd !?!! ]


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