desire + hype + shortage = MORE desire

I have to agree with Mitch Denny about the supply/demand for the new iPod Shuffle MP3 player.

There is nothing like limited supply to generate desire amongst the lemming population.

The same was true for the original iPod – one of the first people I know who bought one was hunting all over town to find one. Finally went to an Apple store in South Melbourne.

Now – you can buy them anyway – including JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, Megamart – soon Coles & Safeway !! (just kidding)

As well as “online”…

Same deal with the iPod Shuffle – just trickle the supply – and the demand increases. Good marketing strategies I guess.

This is simply marketing hype designed to increase product awareness and desire.

I must admit – they do LOOK cool – but I still want a “normal” iPod – none of this mini-iPod, or iPod Shuffle (without a screen ?!?)

Just a 60GB iPod Photo – that’d be nice. &nbsp&nbsp 🙂


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