Donna’s getting nervous !

As if the process of giving birth to a baby isn’t frightening enough (for my wife Donna), she saw the following story on a Yahoo news service…>

A woman in northeastern Brazil has given birth to what one doctor called a “giant baby,” a boy weighing 16.7 pounds.

16.7 pounds !!?! Jeez – that’s about 7.5 kgs !!

Apparently doctors were surprised, as the normal birth-weight is about 8 pounds – ie. 1/2 the size – and that the big baby was the size of a 6-month child !!

Read the full story.

Donna’s doctor has estimated that she’ll have a 7.5 pound baby (not 7.5 KG !) I’m not sure how they estimate the weight – maybe just to reassure her that she won’t be having a difficult birth, as the baby will be average size.

We’ll have to wait and see ! Or should that be “have to weight and see” ?? he he… 🙂


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