Blog it again, Sam

Been over 3 months since a post – oh well.

Kinda go through cycles of wanting to blog / or not – and then the CBF factor takes over. As there are probably only 3-4 people who read this, I don’t see what the point is sometimes.

I do read lots of posts – bit of a Bloglines addict – and I usually have interesting things to comment to people – or pinch & email to friends.

But – reading through some of my old posts – and remembering how things were at the time – this can be considered a kind of “cyber-diary”.

And I’m sure in many years to come – 20+ years – then people will trawl back through blogs to discovery that there were nerds back in the early 2000’s – and this is what they thought / did.

As for me, thinking more and more of the future, and looking back to these days – with the expectant arrival of our first child. Baby 1.0 is scheduled to “Go Live” in mid-February – I’m sure Donna hopes it will be “early” February – but it’s out of our hands.

We’ve been going through a lot of changes in the last little while – getting the nursery ready over Christmas / New Year – and a noticeable down-turn in outings and partying. Something to be expected of course – but I wonder how many other dads-to-be are surprised how quickly things change (even BEFORE the baby arrives) ?

As “the mum to be” will be feeling sore & tired – there’s less desire to go out more, or stay up late (even if the desire was there, the ability would be weak).

But – for “the dad to be”, nothing has changed within them – and yet, the lifestyle changes immediately – and takes some adjusting.

I’ve found myself awake at night vege’ing in front of the TV or XBox (quality time) and relishing my sleep-ins, and counting down until THAT is a memory also.

One task at hand that has been good for late night tinkerings (while the mum-to-be is snoozing) has been to begin digitising my CD collection.

Now that I’m using XBMC (XBox Media Center), and hope to one day get an iPod / iRiver or similar, I’ve begun ripping CD’s into MP3 format – and can put ’em away in boxes. I have to say – FreeRip has been my saviour. Converts to MP3, and labels all ID3 tags, and all the rest – probably got about 150-180 CDs to go – and doing about 10 per sitting.

P.S. Ignore “Intelliblog 2.0” on MSN Spaces – it’s only ever had ONE post – and was kind of dead-in-water before it began.


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