Who’s your daddy ?!?

Well, another month (or more) has gone by since the last post – sorry !

Been busy with many, many things – the biggest of which is that I’m going to be a dad…!

Not due until Feb 8th, 2005 – but I don’t think there’s any coincidence with the release date (!) of Baby 1.0 being around the same time as Visual Studio.NET 2005…!

To follow the analogy, Donna has been getting rid of any bugs in the “hardware” (ie. morning sickness) – and we’ve had our first UAT (Ultra-sound Amazing Television)… Will post some of the wierd “alien” pics from the ultrasound.

Thinking of pics, we’ve got with the times (finally), and got a digital camera ! Saw an ad in the Dick Smith catalog for a Kodak camera for only $187 – and Harvey Norman had the same model for only $178…

Anyway, it’s a Kodak CX7300 – 3.2 MPixel, 3x digital zoom (no optical), and 16 MB internal memory. Pretty cool for a first snappy cam – I’ll hopefully get a fancier one in a year or so.

Been looking on eBay a bit lately – and have been the lucky winner of a few items :

  • 64 mb Secure Digital SD Memory Card – for the new digital camera
  • XBox game – Amped 2 (snow-boarding)
  • Book – REAL DADS (The Very Personal Experiance Of Fatherhood) – the Tech Spec of being a dad
  • Baby Love: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby’s First Year – Donna’s choice – to prepare for Baby 1.0
  • Suffice to say that we’ve been busy catching up with family (baby news) – as well as Donna’s brother getting engaged – then her brother’s birthday – and then her brother’s fiance’s birthday ! *phew*

    And – my Dad turned 60 recently. We organised a Drive Day for him – in which you get to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Lotus, etc (!) – during a 200 km cruise down the Mornington Peninsula – and lunch at a winery.

    It cost nearly $500 – but EVERYONE (including his 3 brothers & families) in the family contributed – and we presented him with the voucher over dinner at his favourite fancy restaurant. He had a grin from ear to ear – will let you know how his day goes (probably in December or January).

    Donna and I are off for a few days (loooong weekend) – heading to Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road. We’re staying near Erskine Falls – in a cabin with an open fire place, and an ocean view.

    I’m sure the new digital camera will get a work-out – pics to follow.

    (Actually – we haven’t even opened the box yet – saving it as a holiday present for us both – haven’t had time to play with it)…

    We’re hoping to try out the Otway Fly Walk – 25 metres about the ground – up in amongst the top of the trees.

    Also – planning to go whale-watching in Warrnambool, and see if there are any whales frolicking out off the coast. Best viewing is from late-May till early-October.

    Will post some reports (and pics) from the trip away.

    Last little thing to share – check out this cute outfit – for the baby (and NO – we’re not calling him Connor ! Imagine that – Connor O’Connor !)


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