One down, and two to go…

Already found a home for one of my G-mail invitations… I couldn’t resist this little ditty – plus Donna had a chuckle, and said “you gotta give it to them !”…

Here ’tis…>

I thought I would send in one of my own randomly occurring spontaneous ramblings …

hmmm gee

let me see

why you should be

kind and give to me

a gmail invite for free

yeah you got three

show generosity

a good deed


Can’t argue with that ! (plus, I grew up on a lot of Dr Seuss, and love a silly rhyme)…

One g-mail invite coming right up… 🙂


3 thoughts on “One down, and two to go…

  1. Okay… so I followed this link from, and I kinda get the feeling that perhaps I’m a little late. But seriously, the Gmailswap phenonema is something pretty interesting on the social-athropological scale of things. Never have I see so many people “virtually” climbing all over each other to get higher than the last, to reach that last Gmail account…

    … now its my turn *stamp, twist, smack*… *slip, bump, ugh*. Ow. Anychance?

  2. I’ve only given away ONE g-mail account – and had a few great replies. Anyone else ?

    Apologies if it takes a while to get back to you – got a 3-day long weekend, and heading off to the country for some R&R – and go a bit anti-tech for a few days.

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