Gee Mail

Saw that Marcie Robillard (aka Data Grid Girl) is giving away some of her Invite a friend to join Gmail invitations.

I’ve signed up with G-mail (got an invite through, and have only one other friend (Alex) who was pestering me for an invite.

He’s now got a G-mail account – and is very excited (does that mean that he’s found the G-spot ?!?)

So – like Marcie has done – send me a comment/email about why I should give you an invite, and we’ll see what Daddy and Santa can do… 🙂

(got 3 to give away – free to good home)


One thought on “Gee Mail

  1. Hello. I really want a g-mail account. I have been waiting for weeks and i can’t seem to get an invite anywhere. I am an optusnet user but i didn’t list that address because i don’t want to recieve any spam there. (

    I am desperate, please please please send me an invite.

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