Make sure you include passwords in your will…

Found at Future Brief :

When Tomm Purnell’s uncle, Keith Cochran, died last year, Mr. Purnell’s mother received two of Mr. Cochran’s computers.

One of them, a laptop, is password-protected, and even though Mr. Purnell considers himself somewhat of a computer geek, ‘the really obvious passwords,’ he said, like the names of Mr. Cochran’s cats and combinations of his Social Security number, have failed.

While terminally ill, Mr. Cochran, a programmer, left a full list of passwords for his work files with his employer, Mr. Purnell said. But he failed to do the same thing with the personal files, so they are now inaccessible.

With home computers largely replacing filing cabinets as the secure storage place for financial records, tax returns and even sentimental pictures, the problem confronting Mr. Purnell may become more common.”

As people leave more and more personal information on their computers, lawyers and families are struggling with the issue of what to do with a family member’s digital property after they die.

Interesting statement on today’s digital world. If I think about all the email accounts, internet banking, and PC logins – I should really write them all down.

Then again – I’m immortal (so far)…


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